Hello and welcome to my site for all things pertaining to visual communication and language.

My name is Jason Bedsaul and I will soon be a graduate of the New Media / Web Design program with minors in Computer Science and Journalism at North Dakota State University.

Throughout my college career, several of my courses included projects that were visual in nature. This site is dedicated to those projects with the biggest emphasis on the work completed in ENGL 357: Visual Culture and Language.

The Portfolio is broken down into three categories:

Visual Culture   – contains the work completed for ENGL 357 including a reflection piece about the course on the main page.

Print Design – Some of the work I completed for courses as well as my job on campus as the Communications and Web Specialist for the IT Division.

Website Design – Website design and online communication have been the focus of my program so the work presented here includes my Capstone project and several other side projects either completed for class or in my job.

Prior to NDSU, I worked in the grocery industry for over a decade, starting as a cashier in my hometown in North Carolina. Moving to Denver Colorado, I eventually accepted a Store Director position in 2005. By 2008, my wife and I had become restless in our work. We began to dream of a different direction for our lives.

Selling our house and quitting our jobs, we traded in our Blackberries for backpacks and began what would become a two year journey around the world. We visited famous sites and explored many diverse cultures, but it was what we learned about ourselves that has had the most profound impact on our lives.

I consider myself fortunate to have been afforded so many wonderful opportunities and look forward to continuing this chapter of my life as I enter the Mass Communication Master’s program here at NDSU while beginning a new career at Mayville State University as the Director of Web Services.


3 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. AlydaSerene says :

    I just finished looking at your blog about your trip—oh my goodness, that is so incredible and amazing that you took that step to actually go for it! I’m so inspired right now, you don’t even know! I toured Europe last fall and that was incredible, but this! I would LOVE to do a trip like what you did someday 🙂 Anyhow, I just had to comment! 🙂

  2. Jason says :

    Thank you for the comments! So glad to hear that you found our trip inspirational.

    It truly was a life changing experience and if you ever want to talk details, I love sharing my experiences. A word of caution – once I start I have a hard time stopping!

    Here’s to the wanderlust in all of us!

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