Reflections on Week 1 of OFA-ND Campaign

The week is not over and we plan on doing something with the OFA-ND social media empire everyday, but here are some of the things we have been working on, some general observations, along with a few hiccups we ran across.

I have noticed with the other NP groups that the class is working with is that their organizations are largely localized and in some cases, incomplete (missing a Twitter feed, need a better website, etc).

With OFA, its a slightly different story. An effective shell is already in place.

Since the infrastructure is a minor focus, we can divert all our efforts to content and messaging.

The first part of the week was spent getting set up with access to all the facets of the campaign – and trust me there is a lot. The best part about partnering up with an organization that has a successful track record in social media campaigning is to get a peek under the hood and see how this engine runs.

I won’t go into all their efforts for various reasons, but I will say that it still requires a lot of manual data entry. Data collection is getting better and better, but at this point in the internet evolution, there is still a lot of cutting, pasting and flipping from this tool to that tool.

The positive side of all that work is that each message can be tracked and analyzed for effectiveness. Where did visitors come from? Where did they go when they left? What time, what browser/equipment, etc.

One of the goals was to try and use a tool that would help remove a few of those steps. I tried to set up Hootsuite – which, by the way, could be a very useful tool for status updates and tweets that are somewhat planned in advance. I ran into a road block when I realized the site was “owned” by the previous state director. Still waiting on him to de-own the accounts in Hootsuite so for now, it’s one tool at a time.

On Monday, we met with Taylor Morgan, the new president for the NDSU Dems on campus. We had a discussion about their Facebook site, OrgSync, getting participation from the group and other goals we had. With the end of the semester so near, she was looking to get more organized for the fall – part of which was finding a new adviser. Much like my Hootsuite delemna, she also needs to get the password for the Facebook site so she can take control of it.

With the dems a little more in disarray than what we first thought, we may have to shift expectations, but we still intend on them being a successful part of the overall campaign – beyond the limits of EC457 and spring.

I also had a little trouble sharing  photos to the group in Facebook. Links were not a problem, but when I tried to just ‘share’ a photo – it says it posted but it never showed up on the timeline. After going through the steps a couple of times, I gave up – will revisit again.

To sum up:

  • Got access to Facebook, Twitter, and the blog for front of the house posting
  • Got set up with access to ‘back of the house’ tools that are focused on analytic’s and tracking
  • Posted various messages and responded to a couple.
  • Had a face to face with OFA-ND – delivered the plan and discussed strategy
  • Had a face to face with Taylor and the NDSU-Dems – offered assistance with outreach to other Dems and finding an advisor. (Network building)
  • Worked on getting time saving tool up and running
  • Continued working on Facebook timeline cleanup (something we started before due to timing concerns).

More to come!


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